Petnet Testimonial: Nate and Marlyn

Petnet Testimonial: Nate and Marlyn  Read More

One of the first steps to building a dog’s confidence surprisingly starts with consistent meals. Nate and Marlyn own a rescue dog named Charlie. While Charlie has had issues that needed to be ... Read More

Superfoods for Pets: Fish Oil

Superfoods for Pets: Fish Oil  Read More

Fish oil is a common supplement owners add to their pet’s food, and with good reason. In both cats and dogs, fish oil promotes a healthy heart, strong joints, clear skin and a shiny coat. The s... Read More

Superfoods for Pets: Pumpkin

Superfoods for Pets: Pumpkin  Read More

Rich in fiber and beta-carotene, pumpkins are an excellent people food for pets. These gourds are simply bursting with vital nutrients like potassium and iron, which give your pet’s diet a heal... Read More

How to Connect your SmartFeeder to Wi-Fi

How to Connect your SmartFeeder to Wi-Fi  Read More

If you're having trouble connecting your Wi-Fi router to your SmartFeeder, here are some quick troubleshooting tips to roll through with. 1. Check that your network name and password (case-sen... Read More

How Does Your Pet's Food Stack Up?

How Does Your Pet's Food Stack Up?  Read More

If you’ve ever scratched your head over all the ingredients present in the unending varieties of pet food, feeling unsure of what’s good or bad for your pet, scratch no more! With Petnet’s pet fo... Read More

6 Things Your Dog Can't Eat

6 Things Your Dog Can't Eat  Read More

You’re settling into your favorite seat at the dinner table, armed with a fork and knife, preparing to devour a plate of filet mignon and mashed potatoes. Then you feel it. Nudging at your side... Read More

Superfoods for Pets: Sweet Potato

Superfoods for Pets: Sweet Potato  Read More

With their syrupy taste and immense nutritional value, sweet potatoes are nature’s wholesome, delicious candy. These orange-fleshed root vegetables top the charts for healthy people foods that boos... Read More

Portion Control with Dom Woof

Portion Control with Dom Woof  Read More

Dom the Frenchie fell into a food coma last week. Reason? Bad portion control. Dom loves food like we humans do, but he has a little problem with self-control. Is your dog the same? Her... Read More

Superfoods for Pets: Coconut Oil

Superfoods for Pets: Coconut Oil  Read More

Coconut oil is essentially a cure-all, magic potion for both pets and humans alike. In addition to being a nutritious alternative to using palm or vegetable oil in the kitchen, coconut oil help... Read More

6 Reasons to Use the Petnet SmartFeeder

6 Reasons to Use the Petnet SmartFeeder  Read More

Our automated pet feeder has serious advantages for both you and your pet. While there is a laundry list of great reasons to use our automatic feeding system, we honed in on our top six. Keep readi... Read More