How do I change my pet food?

To change your pet food :

  • Select the “Food” page on your Petnet Mobile app
  • At the top of the page select “EDIT FOOD”
  • On the following page Select the brand of food you desire by tapping the “Brand    Select the brand” field.
  • Next, Select the recipe by tapping the “Recipe    Select the recipe” field.
  • Next, Select bag size by tapping the “Bag Size    Select the bag size”


Or, if your bag is nearby, at the bottom of the screen select the “Scan Barcode” option.


If your food is not listed, please send in a photo of the front of your pet food as well as the barcode. You will research the food brand and add it to our database.


When you are finished changing your food, select the “Save and Continue” tab at the bottom of the screen.

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