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How Do I Trigger a "One-Off" Remote Feed?

Your SmartFeeder allows you to feed your pet on a set schedule or on a one-off basis as you see fit, from anywhere in the world.

To Trigger a One-Off Remote Feed:

  1. Go the Navigation Bar at the Bottom of the App Screen
  2. Select the "Home" Button (the Center Circle button)
  3. Select the "Feed" button (with the image of the bone)
  4. Review the quantity specified for the "Remote Feed"
  5. If you would like to feed your pet the amount of food specified, select "yes"
    1. This will trigger a Remote feed of your SmartFeeder
  6. Select "Tap to Close" at the bottom of the screen - this will take you back to the Dashboard
    1. Here you can see a Card that indicates the "Remote Feed" you triggered

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